class nvd3.multiBarChart.multiBarChart(**kwargs)

A multiple bar graph contains comparisons of two or more categories or bars. One axis represents a quantity and the other axis identifies a specific feature about the categories. Reading a multiple bar graph includes looking at extremes (tallest/longest vs. shortest) in each grouping.

Python example:

from nvd3 import multiBarChart
chart = multiBarChart(width=500, height=400, x_axis_format=None)
xdata = ['one', 'two', 'three', 'four']
ydata1 = [6, 12, 9, 16]
ydata2 = [8, 14, 7, 11]

chart.add_serie(name="Serie 1", y=ydata1, x=xdata)
chart.add_serie(name="Serie 2", y=ydata2, x=xdata)

Javascript generated:

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