class nvd3.linePlusBarChart.linePlusBarChart(**kwargs)

A linePlusBarChart Chart is a type of chart which displays information as a series of data points connected by straight line segments and with some series with rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values that they represent.

Python example:

from nvd3 import linePlusBarChart
chart = linePlusBarChart(name="linePlusBarChart",
                     width=500, height=400, x_axis_format="%d %b %Y",
                     yaxis2_format="function(d) { return d3.format(',0.3f')(d) }")

xdata = [1338501600000, 1345501600000, 1353501600000]
ydata = [6, 5, 1]
y2data = [0.002, 0.003, 0.004]

extra_serie = {"tooltip": {"y_start": "There are ", "y_end": " calls"},
               "date_format": "%d %b %Y %H:%S" }
chart.add_serie(name="Serie 1", y=ydata, x=xdata, extra=extra_serie,

extra_serie = {"tooltip": {"y_start": "There are ", "y_end": " min"}}
chart.add_serie(name="Serie 2", y=y2data, x=xdata, extra=extra_serie)

Note that in case you have two data serie with extreme different numbers, that you would like to format in different ways, you can pass a keyword yaxis1_format or yaxis2_format when creating the graph.

In the example above the graph created presents the values of the second data series with three digits right of the decimal point.

Javascript generated:

See the HTML source code of this page, to see the underlying javascript.